Great Discount from iHerb on Vitamins and Supplements (10%)

Great Discount from iHerb on Vitamins and Supplements 10%

Of all the discounts available on the Internet, iHerb has offers that are among the very best. If you are looking for any type of nutritional product you will undoubtedly find it here as they carry a range of products that has to be one of the largest in the world. You can also find all the well- known household brands. With each order you receive a discount of 10% of the amount of your last purchase.

The only requirement is that you order again within 60 days, or your “credit” expires. When you think about how many different products you buy every couple of weeks or every month, this can add up to enormous savings because with every order you’re receiving a 10% discount!

For example, if you place an order for $120 this time, you will receive 10% of that amount in a credit you can use towards your next purchase, as long as it is made within 60 days. Next month when you order more supplements, you will get a $12 discount when you go to checkout. The company appreciates your business and offers this as a Loyalty Credit. For families who use vitamins and other supplements regularly, this adds up tremendously over time.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $20

When you place an order of more than $20 you are entitled to free shipping, which saves you even more money. If you haven’t shopped at iHerb before, you can save $5 on your first order if you click on this link (iHerb Promo Code: DTZ315). This discount is only for first-time customers (If you sign up for their newsletter you can get an additional 10% discount as well).

This is a standout discount because iHerb offers it time after time as long as their customers come back for more within the 60-day timeframe. Many times you encounter a “buy one get one free” discount, which is offered within a certain period of time. But to get a discount on a regular basis time after time is amazing, especially when it applies to all their products.

This is a company we highly recommend, not only for their generous discounts, but the huge range of vitamins and supplements they offer. You should definitely give iHerb a try!

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