Ben & Jerry’s offer a 10% discount for seniors at participating locations

Ben & Jerry’s can be considered as one of the best places available out there to have delicious treats. The treats offered in here have become extremely popular among youngsters as well as adults. In fact, a lot of seniors, who are aged over 60 years, prefer to visit Ben & Jerry’s and enjoy the delicious treats available. In order to impress these seniors, Ben & Jerry’s have started offering a 10% discount at participating locations for seniors over the age of 60.

Ben & Jerry’s use fresh ingredients to prepare all their treats. As a result, seniors will not have to worry about anything when they are enjoying them at the store. The ice creams taste sensational and they have the ability to impress the taste buds of customers. The manufacturing process does not leave any carbon footprint and seniors who are concerned about environmental issues can therefore enjoy ice cream with peace of mind at Ben & Jerry’s.

Another impressive practice followed by Ben & Jerry’s is supporting people and community through giving back practices. Therefore, people who enjoy delicious ice creams at Ben & Jerry’s would also be contributing towards the betterment of the society through these giving back practices.

Please Call Beforehand

The 10% discount that is offered for seniors by Ben & Jerry’s is available every single day of the week at the stores at participating stores. Interested seniors just need to visit any nearby store to see if they participate in this senior discount or call them on the phone to confirm.

Moreover, this discount is valid on most of the products that are being sold by them as well. Therefore, the seniors will find it as an easy task to go through the menu, choose any ice cream or treat that they prefer and go for it with the 10% discount.

If the seniors are impressed with the quality of treats that are being offered to them at Ben & Jerry’s, they can think about signing up in order to go on a factory tour as well. We all need to have a healthy treat at least once in a while to enjoy the life, regardless of age. The 10% discount offered by Ben & Jerry’s has specifically been designed for that.

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