Burger King has a 10% discount for seniors at participating locations

Burger King can be considered as one of the most popular fast food chains that can be found out there. Burger King offers an excellent collection of burgers for the customers at reasonable prices. People who don’t want to go through the hassle of preparing their own meals at home tend to visit Burger King Outlets in order to enjoy the delicious food offered to them. A considerable percentage of them are seniors who are aged over 60 years.

10% Senior Discount

In order to show their appreciation for senior citizens, Burger King has started offering a 10% senior discount for them at participating locations. This discount can be redeemed for burgers and drinks that are being served at the participating Burger King locations.

The 10% discount is available for the seniors to redeem at any day of the week throughout opening hours. As a result, the seniors just need to go to the participating Burger King restaurant, pick any burger, drink or a meal out of the menu, order it and enjoy the 10% discount on total bill amount.

Please Call Before You Dine

The Burger King restaurants are scattered throughout the country. As a result, the seniors will not find it as a difficult task to locate a nearby restaurant out of them. Once the restaurant is selected, we suggest that you call to confirm that this Burger King location is participating in the 10% senior discount. It is possible to use the maps app on the smartphone or official Burger King Website in order to find the exact location of the nearby restaurant.

Not many fast food restaurants tend to offer discounts for the seniors who dine in, and it’s wonderful that Burger King gives a 10% senior discount at participating locations.

Due to the availability in local area and the variety of foods and drinks offered on the menu, Burger King has become a very popular fast food outlet among seniors. This 10% discount is very generous on their already low prices, and take their fast food experience to a whole new level. Whether the seniors are just planning for a quick meal or an outing with their loved ones, Burger King is one of the great fast food restaurants available to visit, and now seniors can enjoy the amazing 10% off discount that is offered for them at participating locations.

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