Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen & Bakery – Senior Menu for those 55+

Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen & Bakery – Senior Menu for those 55+

Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen & Bakery has maintained an excellent reputation by offering the best dishes for people. All the foods that are offered by this restaurant have been inspired by the grandmother of two founders, Jennifer and Mike. As a result, it is possible to find dishes for people in all age categories at this restaurant. All the dishes offered at Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen & Bakery are made from the scratch while using the best quality ingredients. As a result, people who walk into the restaurant are guaranteed to receive a wonderful experience.

Special Menu for Seniors

Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen & Bakery offers a separate menu for seniors, who are aged over 55 years. You can find some fine dishes in this seniors menu. The restaurant also offers a frequent diner stamp for all the seniors who dine in. This can help them to save a considerable amount of money when dining in at the restaurant. Even though the frequent diners’ card is available for a single meal purchase for a customer within day, it can assist the guests to save a considerable amount of money because they can get any item on the senior menu for free.

Breakfast Menu

The senior menu that you can find in Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen & Bakery contains some of the best dishes in town as well. The breakfast menu contains 2 strips of bacon, 2 eggs or sausage, home fries or fruit and hash browns. Or else, seniors can go for 2 pancakes or a slide of French toast. Out of the meals that are offered along with the senior menu, bowl of oatmeal has received much attention. The two item omelet offers a variety of options for the people to select from. They can be paired with a senior coffee as well. The restaurant is open 24 hours of the day and you will be able to purchase items from the breakfast menu at any given time.

At Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen & Bakery, the seniors’ lunch is also served 24 hours of the day. It includes ½ salad, 1/3 burger, fish & chips, chef’s salad and tuna salad. The seniors’ dinner is impressive as well because it comes along with hand breaded fried chicken, meatloaf, grilled chicken breasts, hand carved turkey, grilled salmon, liver & onions and 10 oz. ribeye steak.

Available All Day

As you can see, all the plates that are offered with seniors’ menu at Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen & Bakery are impressive and it offers something for everyone. A senior who wants to experience this menu can think about visiting the restaurant at any time of the day. The breakfast and lunch dishes can be purchased at any time of the day, which can assist the seniors to keep peace of mind. Regular visitors to the restaurant can think about purchasing the diners card as it can help them a considerable amount of money in the long run. All these reasons have made Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen & Bakery as one of the most popular restaurants among seniors.

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