Fry’s Senior Discount

Fry’s Food and Drug offers a 10% discount on the first Wednesday of every month

Please verify with Fry’s that it’s still available.

Fry’s Food and Drug is one of the most popular supermarket chains that can be found in United States. They have a major presence in Arizona State. This supermarket chain also operates under Fry’s Marketplace banner. This supermarket chain consists of multi-department states. The Fry’s Food and Drug supermarket chain was founded back in 1954. At the moment, they have stores in 119 different locations across the country. Most of these supermarkets are located within Arizona.

Fry’s Food and Drug is a multi-department store and consists of a full service pharmacy, grocery, one hour photo lab, Ticketmaster and general merchandise including toys, home goods, and electronics and living products. The Fry’s Food and Drug supermarkets are spacious and the size ranges from 80,000 to 100,000 square feet. Therefore, people who visit these stores can find anything that want in day to day life.

Fry’s Food and Drug have started giving away amazing discounts for their customers. The 10% discount given for seniors holds a prominent place out of them. This discount is available for every adult who is aged over 55 years. It can be experienced on every first Wednesday of the month. As a result, you will be able to see a lot of seniors in Fry’s Food and Drug supermarkets on the first Wednesday of every month. This 10% discount is applicable on almost all the products that Fry’s Food and Drug has got in store. Therefore, the adults can shop for what they need with a hassle free mind.

Fry’s Food and Drug has a high end grocery store named as Fry’s Signature. The senior citizen discount can be experienced from these high end grocery stores as well. You can see two such grocery stores within Untied States.

As mentioned earlier, there is something for everyone in the Fry’s Food and Drug supermarket. Since these supermarkets have dedicated pharmacies, seniors will be able to purchase all their medications without any hassle. They just need to carry the prescriptions when they head to the Fry’s Food and Drug supermarkets for shopping. In fact, most of the seniors who live in Arizona prefer to purchase their medication from the Fry’s Food and Drug supermarkets because of convenience. In other words, they don’t need to go to pharmacies to purchase medication because they can simply do it while they are on shopping.

Fry’s Food and Drug is also popular for the affordable products that they have got. For example, the electronic products at Fry’s Food and Drug are marked at a considerably low price when compared to other stores across the country. The service offered to all the clients of Fry’s Food and Drug supermarkets are excellent as well.

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