Harris Teeter Senior Discount

Harris Teeter offers a 5% discount for seniors on every Thursday. Please verify with your local store that this senior discounts is still available.

Harris Teeter is one of the most prominent supermarket chains that can be found in United States. According to the stats of 2016, Harris Teeter operates in 240 different stores across seven states in the country including Maryland, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina and District of Columbia. It was able to get into the list of top 75 retailers and wholesalers within the country in 2011 as well. On the other hand, it is the 93rd largest retailer in the country based on revenue during 2005.

Harris Teeter was acquired by The Kroger Company during 2013. However, that partnership ended one year later. As a result, Harris Teeter was able to retain its name and operate as an independent supermarket chain. Harris Teeter can simply be defined as a veritable grocery store paradise available for the people in United States. It is a spotless food place and you will be able to experience amazing and delicious food in here. A variety of food items are also available in Harris Teeter and there is something for everyone.

All the Harris Teeter restaurants are spotless and beautiful. As a result, a lot of seniors prefer to visit these supermarkets that are located in 7 states of the country. In order to impress these seniors, the management of Harris Teeter recently decided to give a discount for them. As a result, all the seniors who are aged over 60 years can now walk into Harris Teeter supermarkets on every Thursday and experience a 5% discount on all their purchases. This discount can be experienced from all the 240 Harris Teeter supermarkets across the country.

Harris Teeter has its own pizza. A variety of pizzas are available in the supermarkets and seniors would love to taste them. The Harris Teeter is well known for its reasonable price tag as well. A lot of customer reviews on the internet say that Harris Teeter offers the best pizza ever at the most affordable price tag. The Harris Teeter race car shopping cart is another impressive feature that attracts customers into the supermarket. Most of the adults prefer to drive this shopping cart. Moreover, all the Harris Teeter supermarkets are equipped with a friendly staff and any adult can think of visiting there without a doubt on mind.

On top of everything, all the Harris Teeter supermarkets have got pharmacies. Seniors can simply purchase all the medication they want simply through these pharmacies. In addition, they will be able to experience the 5% discount on purchasing medication on every Thursdays. This discount will soon assist the Harris Teeter to become one of the most popular supermarkets among seniors. In addition, they are looking forward to expand the supermarket chain to few other states in the near future. As a result, the seniors who live in many other states will be able to enjoy this discount in the future.

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