Publix Senior Discount

Publix has a 5% discount for seniors 60+ every Wednesday of the week at participating locations. Please check with your local store if it’s still available.

The senior discount that Publix have offered their customers on Wednesdays have been very much appreciated by thousands of seniors 60+ for many years. Customer all over Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia have been able to benefit greatly from this senior discounts offered to them by Publix.

Publix has stores in Florida as well, but we’ve been informed that they do not provide this senior discounts on Wednesday to their customers. We’ve been told that the reason to Publix stores in Florida do not offer the 5% discount is that they have other special offers instead for customers in the state of Florida. But because of the large population of seniors living in Florida, we hope that Publix will include Florida in this senior discount program that so many people are currently benefiting from.

For those of you looking for other senior discounts, you can find many available in your area on our website. We’re in the process of adding as many to our list as possible, therefore if you have any senior discounts you know about, please let us know by submitting it here. We will add them to our list, and as the list grows, other can benefit from these discounts as well.

We are especially looking for local businesses in your city that have senior discounts. It’s always important to be able to support your community and local businesses by shopping at locally owned and operated stores. This boosts the economy in your city and everyone benefits from it, therefore please let us know about any local senior discounts you are aware of. Whether it’s 5% or 10% discount, when you shop at a store on a weekly basis, it truly adds up over time.


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