Alamo Drafthouse Senior Discount

Alamo Drafthouse Senior Discount

Alamo Drafthouse has been entertaining people all over the country for a couple of decades. Inaugurated in 1997, Alamo Drafthouse has been a pioneer in the Cinema chain spectrum. With screens in twenty-nine locations along with some more being built, Alamo Drafthouse is infamous for the quality cinematic experience it offers. The Alamo Drafthouse has been found by the hardcore Movie lovers, with a passion for spreading great cinema experience to as many people as possible.

Each theater of Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain has been designed and constructed with utmost precision to offer a complete and comfortable cinematic experience to the moviegoers.

Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain is infamous for their strict policy of necessitating their audiences to maintain appropriate etiquette for cinema going. They implement a set of behavior policies which every audience is required to follow.

Alamo Drafthouse has a cinemagoer policy called ‘Don’t talk or text,’ which demands moviegoers not to text or talk while watching a movie. This policy is to encourage people to have a quiet and decent behavior so that others don’t experience any disturbance.

Alamo Drafthouse also has a rewards program called Victory Vanguard, through which they offer special show attendance for people who’re 15-17.

Get the wonderful Alamo Drafthouse Senior Discount

If your age is 60 or above, you can seamlessly gain the benefits of Senior citizen discount offered by the Alamo Drafthouse. Any show before 2 pm on weekdays can be viewed with a price of as low as $6 with the Alamo Drafthouse senior citizen discount. The general admission price is $13.75, which states that you’re getting more than 50% discount. The chain’s senior day, Wednesday offers you the discount for all shows throughout the day.

Grab your Alamo Drafthouse senior discount which can save you more than 50% on the ticket cost. Just visit any of the Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain’s theater and you’ll receive the offer if you’re 60 or above.


  1. alamo drafthouse is NOT OFFERING senior discounts. I just asked about it at the Lakeline(Austin, TX) location, and they denied any knowledge of such an offer.


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