Alexander’s Lebanese Cuisine in Warren, Michigan 10% Senior Discount

Screenshot from Alexander's Lebanese Cuisine website

At Alexander’s Lebanese Cuisine you can get served some authentic home-style kabobs, as well as many vegetarian and traditional dishes. It’s a great family atmosphere in the restaurant with some delicious Mediterranean delicacies. Alexander’s Lebanese Cuisine use the highest quality of meat and poultry, fresh vegetables and fruit combined with the perfect blend of herbs and spices.

Senior Discount

Alexander’s Lebanese Cuisine provide a 10% senior citizen discount. This is senior discount is valid for all their meals excluding their specials. Not all restaurant give senior discounts and we’ve glad to find a restaurant in Warren, MI that does provide senior discounts for their meals. Some restaurants have discounts on certain days or certain hours of the week, therefore it’s very generous of Alexander’s Lebanese Cuisine to provide this senior discount each day of the week that they are open.

Lebanese Cuisine

If you’re note familiar with Lebanese Cuisine, it often consists of large amount of whole grains, fruits, vegetable, fish, seafood and red meat. The red meat served is usually lamb. The food is usually grilled, baked or sautéed with olive oil. The vegetables are usually raw or cooked. Lebanese Cuisine is known to use large amounts of herbs and spices which is what gives each meal such a unique flavor to it.


In Lebanese Cuisine, Hummus and baba ghanouj is very popular together with vegetables or bread. Hummus is mashed chickpeas or other types of beans that have been blended with other ingredients like tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Chickpeas is a large part of Lebanese Cuisine and hummus can be a delicious as a snack or a full meal together with vegetables or bread. Pita bread is also very popular to serve with hummus.

If you’re up for trying some new dishes, then Alexander’s Lebanese Cuisine in Warren, MI would be a great place to dine, and if you’re a senior citizen remember to let them know so you’ll get a 10% discount! You can check out Alexander’s Lebanese Cuisine’s website here.


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