Amtrak Senior Citizen Discount

Amtrak Senior Discount
Amtrak Senior Discount

The National Road Passenger Corporation conducting business as Amtrak is a railroad service that has been providing intercity services for medium and long distances across the contiguous USA along with three Canadian cities. Amtrak was established in 1971 having its headquarters in Union Station, Washington D.C. Amtrak offers its services for over an astonishing 500 destinations across 46 states and 3 Canadian cities.

300 Amtrak Daily Train Operations

The name Amtrak has been derived from two words, ‘America’ and ‘Track.’ With an overwhelming number of over 300 daily train operations, Amtrak is one of the largest railroad service providers. Amtrak services cover more than 21,300 miles of track every day. Some of these trains move as fast as 150mph, providing superfast transport services to the commuters. Almost 85,000 passengers are being served on a daily basis by the Amtrak railroad services.

Amtrak railroad services are highly famous for the quality of the trains and the interior design which has been modeled accurately to accommodate the passengers with utmost comfort and convenience. With a brief experience of almost four decades providing railroad services, Amtrak can be labeled as one of the industry pioneers.

Grab your 10% Amtrak Senior Citizen Discount

If your age is 65 or above, you can receive the Amtrak senior citizen discount offered by the Amtrak on most rail fares. For senior citizens, Amtrak is offering a 10% senior discount on most trains. For cross-border railroad services, which are jointly operated by VIA Rail Canada and Amtrak, a senior citizen discount of 10% is eligible to travelers who are aged 60 and above.

Amtrak Senior Citizen Discount Limitations:

• Saver and Flexible fares can’t be qualified for the senior discount.
• The senior discount can’t be used on Acela Express or Auto Train.
• The senior discount is not applicable to First class, non-Acela Business class, and sleeping accommodation.
• Some additional restrictions or limitations may apply.

Remember to bring a valid proof of age while purchasing a rail ticket and get the 10% Amtrak senior citizen discount on applicable services.


  1. Want to check into fares for senior Disabled on Oxygen closest to Clovis NM going to Tampa Florida for November 17 threw Dec2


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