Aurora Breakfast, Bar & Backyard in OKC has a Senior Discount

Screenshot from their website: Aurora Breakfast, Bar & Backyard

Looking for a restaurant in Oklahoma City which offers Breakfast and Lunch? Aurora Breakfast, Bar & Backyard is the answer. Situated in the historic Plaza district, the restaurant follows the scratch-kitchen idea by offering food that is made absolutely from scratch. The ingredients are fresh and sourced locally.

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. This is the reason; Chef Henry Boudreaux offers a menu which is high on energy and packed with nutritional value. The items on the menu combine nutrition with taste so that you get an incentive to eat healthy food.

Breakfast & Lunch Menu

The breakfast and lunch menu contains Housemade Scones, Yoghurt Bowl, Banana Pancakes, Tiramisu Pancakes, Grapefruit Brulee, Overnight Oats, Pecan Waffles, French Toast, Crab and Asparagus Omelette, Savory Lentil Hummus Bowl, Pulled Pork Hash, Aurora Burger, Open-Faced BLT and a lot more. There are meals available too which contain a mix of bacon, eggs, sausages, and bread.

There is a special menu for kids which consists of Pancakes with choco chips, whipped cream, sprinkles, maple syrup, waffles, PB&J and Yoghurt Bowl. There is a Grab N’ Go menu as well which offers wraps, pastries, coffee, biscuits, yogurt bowl and overnight oats.

Aurora Breakfast, Bar & Backyard Senior Discount

If you qualify as a senior, you can get a 10% senior discount on all purchases from Aurora Breakfast, Bar & Backyard. By activating the senior discount, you can get a hearty meal at an attractive rate. Make your breakfast special by ordering anything from the amazing menu of this restaurant. Breakfast does not need to be boring any longer!
Visit Aurora Breakfast, Bar & Backyard to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and brunch in this charming restaurant and receive the senior discount today!


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