Bakers Square Senior Discount Program


Bakers Square is a famous restaurant in America and has been in the industry for over 40 years. They have always been known for their pies, but do also offer breakfasts, lunch, and dinner in their restaurants.

It all started when a restaurant called Mrs. C’s became popular for the pies they carried. Mrs. C’s restaurant was located in Des Moines, Iowa and began in 1969. It has now become Bakers Square Restaurant & Bakery, but mostly known as Bakers Square. Currently, Bakers Square has around 42 restaurants, and most of them are located in the Upper Midwest.

Bakers Square’s Delicious Pies

Bakers Square is known to serve some of the most delicious pies in America. This makes it a perfect restaurant to purchase from when celebrating a special event or occasion. Some of their famous pies are the French Silk Pie, Fresh Strawberry, Lemon Supreme and Caramel Pecan Silk Supreme.

Bakers Square Senior Discount For Senior Citizens

The best part about Bakers Square is their senior discount. Bakers Square offers a 10 percent discount for senior citizens age 60 and above. So if you are a senior citizen (60+) and are eager to taste the yummy pies from Baker’s Square, you can get it at a discounted price. However please take note that this discount cannot be used with coupons or other promos.

Order Online

I like that the Bakers Square website has a feature where you can order your pie online. Then you write in pick up time, and you drive down and pick up the pie. That’s perfect for birthdays and special occasions when you might want a larger quantity of pies. Then you don’t have to risk it being sold out when you arrive at the store.

If you’re near a Bakers Square try it out, and let us know in the comment section below how it went and how delicious their pies were : )


  1. Love, love, love Baker’s Square. The best pies ever and the food and variety of food dishes is 2nd to none. it’s all YUMMY!


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