Bealls Florida Senior Discount


Bealls is a retail department store in the United States and has 500 stores in 16 states around the country.

Bealls was founded in the year 1915 by Robert M. Beall, and he was only 22 years old when he founded the company. But when the stock market crashed, Robert Beall was unable to pay his debt, and the bank took over the business. The bank let him stay on as manager of the store through the depression, and after a few years of saving his money, he had finally saved up enough to purchase the company back from the bank and it has grown tremendously since then.

Today, Bealls has been in the business for over 100 years now and providing an exciting shopping experience to customers.

Bealls Senior Discount On “Bealls Day”

Tuesday is called “Bealls Day,” and they give various discounts to their customers. If you are a senior citizen in Florida, aged 50 years or over and have a love for fashion or home decor, note that Bealls offers a 15 percent discount on almost all of their products on July 10th. On that day, you can shop for the item you want at quite a significant discount (15%). However there are some exceptions, so make sure the discount applies to the item you are looking to buy beforehand. One requirement is that you need to purchase in the store if you are to receive the discount, and we’re assuming you’ll have to provide an ID to verify that you are 55 years of age or older.

There are other discounts available as well on Tuesday for Bealls Day, but these seem to vary from Tuesday to Tuesday. We recommend you take a look at the Bealls Day website for more information on the specific discount that is available to seniors. They list the next few Tuesday on their website and what discounts are available each Tuesday. It can be a good idea to wait until next round of a 15% discount as a good amount of money can be saved on that day!


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