British Airways Senior Citizen Discount AARP Members

British Airways Senior Discount
British Airways Senior Discount

British Airways, which is also shortly known as the BA in the airline industry, is one of the largest airlines in the whole world. Being created in the year 1974, British Airways has become a popular household name when it comes to airway travels. With its main branch located near London Heathrow Airport, British Airways has served millions of people all around the world with astonishing travel services.
In January of 2011, British Airways has merged and collaborated with Iberia, combing to form IAG (International Airlines Group). This airline is now the third largest in the world and second largest in Europe when it comes to the aspect of annual revenue.

Advanced Fleet of Airplanes

British Airways possesses some of the latest and advanced fleet of airplanes that can accommodate large groups of people. The interior seating and design are precisely developed to offer comfort and convenience to the passengers. British Airways offers all types of classes ranging from economic to business class to first class. British Airlines follow specific and strict guidelines to ensure that passengers are provided utmost safety while traveling.

If you’re ever looking to travel to or from Europe, you must definitely consider proceeding with the British Airways. British Airways comprise of 58 Boeing 777 and 41 Boeing 747-400 among several other airplanes. British Airways is also the early members of the airline alliance, OneWorld along with Cathay Pacific, American Airlines, Qantas.

Travel and Get a Senior Discount with British Airways

If you’re an AARP member along with being 55 years or older, you can get your senior citizen discount at the British Airways. This senior discount offers you a discount of $65 off economy class travel, whereas you get a discount of $200 off business class travel. Keep note that all your trips must be planned and booked on or before January 31st, 2019. Please check out their website here for more information.


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