Chairs for Showers & Bathtubs

Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair

As we age, we need to take a little more care on, especially wet and slippery surfaces. Winters can be challenging for many seniors walking outside in snow and ice. Most people need to be careful walking in snow or ice, but if seniors have more trouble with walking around extra care needs to be taken. If you live in the south, you don’t need to worry about walking on snow and ice, though, everyone has a bathroom, and that’s a place where we all need to be extra careful.

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If you are having trouble balancing or find it difficult to stand and move around, it is of utmost importance that you be extra careful, especially when you are in the shower. Many serious injuries to senior citizens are caused in the bathroom due to a slippery floor or bathtub. Shower chairs can go a long way in ensuring bath safety while showering. Grip bars are essential too, and we have a post here about grip bars and shower mats.

Drive Medical Premium Shower Chair with Back and Arms

This easily height-adjustable chair offers enhanced comfort while its arms, back, and legs. These can also be removed without the need for any tool. You can, therefore, pack and take it with you wherever you go with ease.

Built especially for senior citizens, this chair has large legs that are stable and slip- resistant. The lightweight design makes it portable as well. This shower chair can take up to 350 pounds. Drive Medical Premium Shower Chair is safe, efficient, sturdy as well as durable and ensures pleasant and comfortable bathing.

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Medline Shower Chair

The chair is built for seniors with mobility issues and comes with maximum safety. The anodized aluminum frame makes this durable while the angled legs and rubber tips ensure proper support. The padded armrests offer extra comfort. The seat is wide and anti-bacterial and comes with holes to drain water effectively. The assembly is simple and can be done in minutes.

This spa shower chair is rust- resistant, safe and hygienic. You can have a relaxing shower with this Medline Shower Chair.

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