Country Kitchen – Senior Menu for those 55+


Country Kitchen is one of the most popular restaurants chains that can be found in United States. It is possible to find a Country Kitchen restaurant in most of the big cities and small towns in hotels, travel plazas and standalone locations.

The excellent franchise opportunities offered has contributed a lot towards its popularity. Even though these great franchise opportunities are offered, the quality of dishes served is maintained throughout all the restaurants in the country.

Senior Menu

A variety of dishes are offered along with the senior menu at this restaurant. The best thing about all these dishes is that they can be purchased at a great price. As a result, Country Kitchen restaurants have become one of the most preferred places among seniors in the country to have their meals.

2 Egg, Ham & Cheese Omelette

Out of the dishes that are offered on the senior menu, the plate includes 2 eggs, ham and cheese omelet. These are the most popular. The restaurant adds their own Wisconsin four-cheese blend into dried ham in order to make this meal a perfect one. It is served along with a choice of toast and seasoned hash browns to deliver the perfect dining experience.

Lighter Fare French Toast

The lighter fare French toast is another dish that has received much attention at Country Kitchen. It is made with a special recipe and uniqueness to it. French bread slices are also provided along with this dish and people are given the opportunity to get an Apple, Strawberry or Blueberry topping as per their specific requirements.

Breakfast Sampler

If a senior is looking to have a delicious meal at the most affordable price, he/she can think about going for the Lighter Fare favorite offered at Country Kitchen. It comes along with an egg that is paired with toast and seasoned hash browns. The Beef & Eggs dish is affordable as well where two eggs are served with a juicy and thick beef patty. It is seasoned along with hash browns and the guests are provided a toast of their own choice.

Breakfast Duo

If a senior visits one of the Country Kitchen restaurants in the morning, he/she will be able to enjoy the breakfast duo. The breakfast duo consists of 2 slices of homemade French toast. In addition, it is possible for the people to add two sausage links or two slices of Cherrywood smoked bacon into the dish.

Lighter Fare Pancakes

Last but not least, people at Country Kitchen can think of getting the Lighter Fare pancakes. This dish offers homemade buttermilk pancakes and guests can go for an Apple, Strawberry or Blueberry topping as per their preferences.

Affordable Price

A variety of options are available for the seniors who make the decision to dine at Country Kitchen restaurants. The choices are endless and all the meals in the senior menu are marked at affordable prices which makes it a very attractive place to dine for seniors.


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