Day Clocks & Alarm Clocks For Senior Citizens

American Lifetime Day Clock

Many people often forget important doctor appointments and when to take their medications, etc. The younger generation is so used to a smartphone with a calendar that keeps track of all their appointments they really don’t need other reminders. The calendar on smartphones are great, but not always the easiest to learn how to operate, especially for seniors citizens.

That’s why alarm clocks with large fonts are especially useful. They tend to be easier to use as they are often designed for seniors to operate. There are also alarm clock now available that can remind of you of specific appointments you have at that the alarm goes off. These are not that difficult to operate, especially compared to a smartphone.

If you are a senior citizen, check out the following clocks that make your life comfortable and more independent:
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American Lifetime Day Clock

This impressive American Lifetime Day Clock comes multiple alarm options and appointment reminders. The clock displays the date, time, day and period of the day in large and clear letters without any abbreviations to confuse you. The clock has four alarm modes, and it’s non-glaring screen and provides for easy set-up.

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The alarm clock is backed with one year warranty as well. With this clock, you will be able to keep track of appointments and important reminders of what medications to take and at what time. Of course, all these have to be manually set beforehand.

Enhanced Display & Backup Battery

The enhanced display is designed to make it readable even if your vision is not as good as it used to be. Another great feature is that The American Lifetime Day clock also comes with a battery backup to ensure full efficiency even when there is a power outage.

Travelwey Home LED Clock

This clock comes with an alarm that stays on for 5 minutes to make sure you wake up! The clear, red LED digits on the clock are extra bright but can be dimmed to your comfort level. This is a very simple alarm clock and can be easily operated by most senior citizens.

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This alarm clock also comes with a night light and volume settings. Moreover, with the snooze function, you can sleep for a few more minutes before waking up. The clock has a battery backup as well in case there was a power outage.

The Travelwey Home LED Clock does not have the features of giving your reminders for your appointments, but for the low price, it’s a great alarm clock and value for money.

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