El Pollo Loco Senior Discount


The first outlet of El Pollo Loco opened in the year 1980 in Los Angeles. It became an instant hit among the locals because of the unique dining experience that it offered. El Pollo Loco means ‘The Crazy Chicken’ 🙂

The brand is known for its signature item- Fire-Grilled Chicken, which is marinated with spices, garlic, herbs and fruit juices with a dash of lime. It is then slow-roasted on the fire grill to be hand-cut and used in salads, burritos, chicken meals, quesadillas, tacos and soups. Even the guacamole and salsa which are used as salad dressings and dips are hand-prepared.

What is so special about El Pollo Loco’s food?

When you visit an El Pollo Loco restaurant, you can be sure that the food you are served is freshly prepared on open-flame grills. Close attention is paid to every aspect of preparing a dish so that the taste stays with you for a long time. The speed and convenience with which the food is served makes it one of the most sought after brands for quality fast food. With more than 400 restaurants in Southwest America, El Pollo Loco has established itself as a brand which offers an almost home-like quality of food that is presented with a professional touch.

Have you heard about El Pollo Loco’s Senior Discount?

El Pollo Loco’s Senior Discount stands at 10% on the final bill. The maximum discount that you can get is $1. The food served at El Pollo Loco restaurants is affordably priced but the senior discount is an added advantage. If you are above the age of 60, you can avail this discount at any of the outlets of El Pollo Loco. All you need to do is inform the cashier that you are eligible for the discount before making the payment. It is also a good idea to call your local outlet and find out whether the offer is currently valid there or not because discounts can vary according to location. You can read about the El Pollo Loco Senior Disocunt on their website here!

Grab your fill of the authentic chicken-based menu at a discounted rate at El Pollo Loco today!


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