Elephant Bar Restaurant Senior Citizen Discount

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The Elephant Bar Restaurant follows the concept of a scratch kitchen. This means that every dish that is prepared at the restaurant is made from scratch. All the ingredients are fresh instead of packaged ones.

The first Elephant Bar Restaurant opened in 1980 in Lubbock, Texas. At present, there are seven outlets of the Elephant Bar Restaurant, five of which are located in California and one each in New Mexico and Nevada.

Brunch, Lunch & Dinner

The restaurant offers brunch, lunch, and dinner. Items like Gooey Butter Cake French Toast, Deluxe Scrambled Eggs, Philly Cheesesteak Frittata, Pork Tomatillo Omelet, Handmade Chicken Tenders, Soy Ginger Calamari and Smokehouse Chicken Sandwich are on the menu.

What is unique about this brand is that it offers American Fare as well as a Globally Inspired menu. The American delicacies include Lemon Garlic Chicken Breast, Top Sirloin, Shrimp and Chicken Jambalaya. If you are interested in trying the global fare, the choices include Street Style Tacos, Mongolian Beef, Misoyaki Salmon, Yakisoba Noodles and Braised Lamb Shank.

Here’s what you need to know about the Elephant Bar Restaurant Senior Discount

The Elephant Bar Restaurant offers a senior discount to those who are above the age of 55. If you qualify for the discount, then you can get 15% off on your food and beverage bill every day between 2 to 5 PM. This is quite a significant discount which you can get at any of the outlets of Elephant Bar Restaurant. You can enjoy the diverse menu options and save money at the same time.

In case you are unsure whether the Elephant Bar Restaurant near your place offers the senior discount or not, call ahead and ask before ordering.

With a history of almost 40 years, the Elephant Bar Restaurant specializes in traditional American as well global dishes which are all made from scratch. You can expect high-quality fresh food every time. Receive the senior discount today and enjoy a hearty meal the restaurant!


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