Great Senior Citizen Discount at Berges Institute Spanish Classes

Berges Institute Spanish Classes

Berges Institute is a Spanish language learning center in Manhattan and Chicago. Seniors are given a great senior citizen discount for those that want to take Spanish classes at Berges Institute.

Dan and Vanessa started the Berges Institute in 2013 in New York. They met in Barcelona, but moved to the United States in 2008 and have been teaching Spanish full time since 2011. Dan and Vanessa developed their program and textbooks which now thousands of students have studied in the Berges language institute. Their original location in Midtown Manhatten has over 900 students and 11 instructors. Berges Institute in Manhatten has become of the most popular places to learn Spanish.

Chicago Berges Institute

With the current success, Dan and Vanessa have experienced, they have expanded to Chicago which is their second location in the United States. In Chicago, they have a beautiful building from the 1930’s with seven classes on one of the floors in the building.

Online Placement Test

If you’re looking to take Spanish classes, it’s not always easy to know what level you are. Many have studies in school many years before or traveled overseas and learned a little Spanish. It’s easy to forget what we learned many years ago, though I’m sure it’s stored in there somewhere! Sometimes it just takes a little practice to get reminded of what we already learned.

Some people are great at speaking, and others are great at writing and levels always vary from person to person. But no matter what level you are at, the great thing about Berges Institute is that you can take an online placement test beforehand which will determine what level you are. This way you can be placed in the correct language course level with other similar language skills.

Berges Institute Senior Citizen Discount

If you’re a seniors citizen, you can get a senior discount at their institute in New York or Chicago to learn Spanish. The Berges Institute Senior Citizen Discount gives a generous 15% discount on all Spanish language courses offered. Please take a look at the Berges Institute website for more information on the senior discount they offer and contact them for more details.


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