Greyhound Bus Senior Discount


Greyhound Lines is the largest provider of bus services in North America and are popular for serving over 3100 destinations. The buses operate intercity with an approximate 16,000 departures every day.

Greyhound has a friendly and modern fleet and has become an icon for providing safe travel to millions of people all over the continent. It is also the most-recognized and the leading brand in bus transportation services. Also known for community services, Greyhound is renowned for offering discounts to children, students and military people too, besides senior discounts.

Bus Senior Discount For Senior Citizens

Greyhound Lines is popular for one more reason- for offering discounted fares for senior citizens, aged 62 years and over. You just need to show proof for your age, so do not forget your ID proof when booking your ticket and you’ll get 5% discount on passenger fares if you are 62 years or over.

Greyhound Lines care for the senior citizens and are deeply concerned about the welfare of the society. The company also believes that old age is when a person expects help and care and the younger generation must lend a helping hand.

So whether you are looking to explore the country or visit your good old friend in another city, with the Greyhound Bus senior discount you can save a little extra on your travels!

Bus Senior Discount Restrictions

You can get a discounted fare on Greyhound buses, but note that this discount is not available if you are planning to travel to Canada. Moreover, you are not allowed to combine this discount with other discounts. Please check out Greyhound Lines’ website for more information.

Senior citizens often live on a tight budget, so this senior discount is a great way to save money on travel as a little here and there really adds up. We’re glad that Greyhouse Lines offer this discount for senior citizens and hope that many other companies will do the same.


  1. I am a senior living in Las Vegas, NV and I am seeking information for a round trip ticket from Las Vegas to see the Redwoods in Ca. Do you have a tour for that type of trip, and if so, what is the fare.

  2. been trying to get a price on round trip from las vegas to dayton ohio but been on hold for 32 one answers in customer service what’s up?


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