Gristedes Supermarket Senior Discount in New York


Being a senior citizen has a lot of benefits getting rebates on movie tickets, reduced rates on transportation and most importantly, the shopping discounts are pretty sweet. Here is one of those significant benefits with a senior discount available at Gristedes Supermarket.

Gristedes Supermarket has been a part of New Yorkers for more than 100 years. Charles Gristede and his brother Diedrich moved to New York from Germany in 1888, and they opened their first store in 1891. Previously after working in other grocery stores for a few since arriving in the US. They opened stores in Manhattan, Harlem, Bronx Westchester Country, and even in Connecticut. Charles Gristede died in 1948, and the brother’s supermarket chain consisted of 141 stores.

Since then, Gristedes Supermarket has continued to expand and have added cafes and pharmacies in their stores. Currently, they have stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester and Roosevelt Island.

Get Discounts With The Gristedes Supermarket Senior Discount

One great way Gristedes Supermarket serves the community is offering discounts for senior citizens. Gristedes Supermarket gives a generous 10% discount to senior citizens 65 years or older. This Gristedes Supermarket senior discount is only available on Tuesdays. Please remember to bring a valid ID on that day.

Therefore, if you’re not in a hurry to get groceries, but can wait until Tuesday, I would highly encourage you to go grocery shopping then. 10% discount can end up being large amounts of savings, and a 10% savings on groceries over time can quickly add up to thousands of dollars.

Other Items At Gristedes Supermarket

Gristedes Supermarket carries fresh meats, dairy products, fresh produce, baked goods, gourmet foods, frozen foods, and other non-food items like flowers. Here is a link to their weekly specials.

There are only a few grocery stores that provide such discounts; therefore we hope that more stores like Gristedes Supermarket will add such discounts for senior citizens as it’s a huge blessing to the community.

Here is a video from the Rosevelt Island Gristedes Supermarket that give you an idea of what their supermarkets are like to shop in:


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