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IHOP is the stylized acronym of International House of Pancakes. As almost all of us know, IHOP is an American multinational pancake casual/everyday family restaurant that is an expert in breakfast foods. It is held by DineEquity, with 99 percent of the restaurants run by franchisees.

While IHOP’s concentration is on breakfast time foods such as French toast, pancakes, omelets, and crepes, it includes a menu of lunch & dinner items also. The ongoing company has up to 1,650 restaurant locations in the US, Middle East, and Canada. It is really popular for having most of its locations, being wide open every single day, 7 times a week. The locations that are not open for 24 hours a day, the franchise’s minimum operating hours are Sunday through Thursday from 7 am to 10 pm, and Saturdays and Fridays from 7 am to 12 am/midnight.

Special IHOP Senior Menu

IHOP is known for their great discounts for mostly kids and seniors and even though the exact menu prices at IHOP changes at times from location to location, IHOP offers a specially priced senior menu for diners which are 55 years+. This special IHOP senior menu includes six breakfast options. Keep in mind that IHOP will not provide a senior discount on fixed priced or regular menu items, but their senior menu is still an awesome deal!

IHOP Senior Breakfast Menu

Since 2015, The IHOP’s seniors breakfast time menu includes the 55+ Sampler, a dish with one egg, one strip of bacon, one pancake, one sausage, hash browns and a piece of ham. French toast, “create-your-own” omelet, buttermilk pancakes and two other breakfast combo meals are also available. The senior menu could also include two lunch and dinner options— a roasted turkey or a tilapia florentine dinner.

IHOP Senior Menu available all day

You do not have to arrive at the restaurant at specific times to be able to order from the IHOP senior menu since it’s available all day. This means that you can enjoy an IHOP meal any day of the week! This can be a great option to enjoy a great meal with friends and get a discount from the IHOP Senior Menu.

Here are links to the IHOP 55+ Senior Menu and the 55+ Sampler:

Special IHOP Senior Menu
55+ IHOP Sampler Menu

For seniors 55+, it’s a great way to save a few dollar and get a delicious meal from their Senior Menu. It’s wonderful that IHOP has created this menu, and we hope that many other restaurants will do the same.


  1. I was there for breakfast yesterday and was told the 15 percent senior discount was not available Saturday and Sunday until 4:00pm

    • Hi Jane, you have to order from their Senior Menu which includes their discounted items as we’re not aware of a 15% senior discount available from IHOP.

    • Hi Lena, to get pricing on the various items on their senior menu you would have to go to your local IHOP and ask for the senior menu.

  2. The senior coffee is a good deal (99¢ where I’m at), but now you have to order something from the senior menu to get it. In other words, if you want an item that’s not on the senior menu, you can not get senior pricing on coffee! Side note: this condition is not specified on the menu, so this may not the policy in all IHOPs. Not happy about this.. most of the items on the senior menu are just very limited portions, so I like to get the regular menu items.. but I do love my coffee.

  3. Although I never ate at Ihop,I visited Denys allot.When I asked for the Senior discount the waiter did tell me that the portions are smaller for Seniors.That’s not fair.Just because we are old that doesn’t mean they have to cut our portions.I do not feel like my appetite is any different then when I was younger.

  4. I was at U hop today and ordered the 55+ omelet .In the past when I ordered this it came with pancakes. But the server insisted that the 55 omelet did not include pancakes. Is this true?

  5. I was in San Francisco the other day I was staying at a Marriott hotel where breakfast was really pricey 😔 for my budget so I visited a nearby IHOP and ordered a senior breakfast came out to $20 plus tax I paid like 24 and some change. I feel that I got jipped


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