Kohl’s Senior Citizen Discount


Kohl’s Corporation is a very popular department store retailing chain in America. The first ever Kohl’s store dates back to 1927, as it was opened in Wisconsin by the founder, Maxwell Kohl. This first store was then just a grocery store which Mr. Kohl developed into a chain of supermarkets in 1962. He then started department stores with prices that were considered in the mid-rage price level, just between high end and discounted stores. Kohl’s is headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

With an immense number of 1,155 stores across 49 states, Kohl’s is the largest department store retailing chain in America. Furthermore, it has also been labeled under the Fortune 500 category as well. When it comes to revenue, Kohl’s is the 20th largest retailing store chain in the United States of America. By considering the amount of retail sales, Kohl is the second largest department store retailing chain in America.

Kohl’s Wide Range of Products

Kohl’s store offers a wide range of products under almost every possible niche. They’ve a multitude of sections ranging from kids, adults, teens, and many more. You can almost get every retail product you can imagine at the Kohl’s stores. Clothes, Electronics, Furniture, Jewelry, and many more product departments are available at these stores, where you can have the awesome luxury of choosing the best product for your need. They also offer several coupons, with which you can avail occasional discounts on certain products.

Get The Kohl’s Senior Citizen Discount Offer

If you’re 60 or above, you have the opportunity to get the senior citizen discount offered at the Kohl’s retail stores. With the Kohl’s senior citizen discount, you can get 15% discount on your purchases that you make on Wednesdays. Therefore next time you need to buy something,  you can schedule your shopping for Wednesdays and get the fantastic Kohl’s senior citizen discount.


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