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Bernard Barney Kroger invested $372 in 1883 when he founded Kroger. He poured his life savings into opening his first grocery store in Cincinnati, OH. He was determined to offer as many products as possible so his customers could get all they needed from his store and not have to shop at multiple stores. In doing this, he even began manufacturing his own products. In time Kroger became a supermarket chain and in the 1950s it began expanding across the country.

Kroger was able to stay ahead of the competition by being the first grocery store in the country to use electronic scanners at their check out counters. This made checking out a lot faster for customers, but also became an effective tool for doing consumer research. Kroger stores were also the first to create parking lots that surrounded the store on each side. This was first done in 1930. Today Kroger has grown into a very popular chain with locations in a majority of the US states.

Kroger Senior Discount Discontinued

One of Kroger’s most popular features has always been its 10% senior discount with the Kroger Plus reward card. This of course attracted a very loyal following among seniors. This senior discount was offered to people 60 years and older and at all their stores until a few years ago. Instead of the 10% senior discounts, they then started offering a discount of only 5% on their private label Kroger products. But then within this last year, they have unfortunately discontinued their senior discount program.

When this happened their loyal customers were quite concerned. But we have heard that Kroger is still honoring the reward card for members already enrolled in the program. People with their reward card can still get their senior discount, but we are not sure what the current terms are, so our advice would be to contact Kroger to find out before your next shopping trip.


  1. It’s over. I went to Kroger last Sunday, and bought some Kroger branded items. When I got home, I realized that the usual 10% DISCOUNT HAD NOT BEEN TAKEN OFF. Further down the receipt was this little tid-bit

    The senior discount program has ended.

    Well, I will no longer buy Kroger braded items, I don’t know if anything can be done, maybe we could get Trump to sic-’em? probably not.

    • Trump wil sic-em? I think not. He can’t solve health care, can’t get a budget, can’t cut taxes and is should have a nose like Pinocchio. What a sad piece of Tangerine crap. And he cares less about senior citizens who he’d rather see die than provide Medicaid funds to help with eldercare. Boy was his ‘base’ fooled!

    • Its not the Presidents job to make sure people get their discounts. Thats up to the business. In fact, its not the Presidents job to run our lives even though they try to..if they’re running your life that means you’re not free…

  2. This article isn’t exactly true.

    FIRST: As a senior, I received 5% off EVERYTHING on Wednesday, not just “their private label Kroger products.”

    SECOND: The discount HAS NOT YET ended. B Gammill didn’t post everything on the receipt. It ACTUALLY says: “THE SENIOR DISCOUNT is retiring March 15”. VERY disappointing, but until the new Publix is built by me, I’ll still go to Kroger as it’s convenient and I still get FUEL DISCOUNTS from them (though I fill up so seldom that if Publix keeps ITS 5% senior discount, I’ll start shopping there.)

  3. I will limit my patronage of Kroger to sale items that are below Wal-Mart’s normal lower price. I hope my fellow Senior citizens will, also look to their other opportunities to lower their grocery bill. Thank you Kroger for opening our eyes to the advantages offered by your competitors.

    • With the demise of Kroger’s senior discount & predatory Albertsons takeover of Safeway /Tom Thumb (continually nickel & diming customers, lowering quality & raising prices, acquiring more stores while closing Tom Thumbs in existence for 35+ years), Market Street et al, I’m wishing we had Publix here in Texas‼️

  4. I’m glad I went to Kroger on JUNE 22, 2017. Because when I reviewed my receipt today I found this note under the date:
    is retiring on June 22
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    I’m so glad I got $1.29 discount while it was still “employed”!!!!!
    In the Age of Trump there are new laws you should have learned decades before they existed:
    Don’t be Old
    Don’t be Ill
    Don’t be Poor
    Don’t expect any kind thought or action from the Ruling Greedmongers.
    Kroger has certainly taken note and woven these laws into their Corporate fabric.


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