Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm System: A Life-Saving Technology for Senior Citizens


Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm System: A Life-Saving Technology for Senior Citizens

As we age, our bodies become more fragile, and we become more prone to falls and injuries. For senior citizens, even a minor fall can result in a severe injury or fracture, leading to long-term hospitalization and medical treatment. To address this issue, Lunderg has developed an Early Alert Bed Alarm System designed explicitly for elderly and dementia patients. This wireless bed sensor pad and pager system is a game-changer for fall prevention, providing an added layer of safety for seniors who live alone or with a caregiver.

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The Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm System is a highly effective fall prevention device that offers absolute peace of mind to caregivers and family members. The wireless bed alarm sensor pad and pager are designed to alert you before the patient gets up from the bed. This pre-alert feature ensures that the caregiver can get there before the patient falls, providing an extra layer of protection for those most at risk of falling.

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What sets Lunderg’s Early Alert Bed Alarm System apart from its competitors is its unique pre-alert smart technology. The patented sensor pad detects the process of standing up and notifies the caregiver right on time, before the patient is already out of bed. This smart technology has been designed to reduce false alarms caused by shifting and repositioning, ensuring that caregivers are only alerted when there is a genuine risk of falling.

The Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm System is easy to use and set up, making it accessible for caregivers of all levels of experience. The bed sensor pad connects wirelessly with the handheld monitor, and the alarm sounds or vibrates continuously just before the patient starts to stand up from the early-alert zones. The pressure pad is 10 x 33 inches, making it easy to wipe clean and incontinence resistant, providing maximum comfort for patients.

The Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm System is also highly portable, with a pager device unit that is small enough to fit into your pocket and comes with a pocket clip. It can even be fixed on a wall with the included mount bracket, ensuring that caregivers can stay close to their patients wherever they are. The pager device is adjustable, with the caregiver able to choose from high to low volume or vibration only, making it perfect for different environments, including nighttime sleep.

The Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm System comes with everything you need, including all batteries, and has a one-year warranty. The bed pads have a lifespan of 15 months, which is significantly longer than competitor products that only last between 45 days to 12 months, saving you money in the long run. It’s important to note that the pad should be placed on top of a flat mattress or mattress cover and below a fitted sheet to prevent the pad from moving and giving false alarms or causing the product to malfunction.

In conclusion, the Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm System is a life-saving technology for senior citizens, providing an extra layer of protection and fall prevention for those most at risk. With its unique pre-alert smart technology, easy-to-use interface, and portable pager device, the Lunderg Early Alert Bed Alarm System is an excellent investment for caregivers and family members, providing peace of mind and comfort to those who need it most.

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