Mark’s Feed Store in Louisville, KY has a 10% Senior Discount for Senior Citizens 60+

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It is yet another good time to be 60+! Mark’s Feed Store in Louisville, Kentucky is offering 10% discount for senior citizens (excludes catering). Mark’s Feed Store is a barbecue restaurant with a wide variety of mouthwatering menu ranging from Entrée to desserts. Dubbed “The best barbecue in Louisville” since 1988 when the founder and owner Mark Erwin first opened its door, this establishment has lived to the phrase. They have also made a name for themselves as a “Friendly Folks Servin’ Famous Bar-B-Q”.

A Rich History

Following a successful career in the restaurant industry, including helping others set up restaurants, Mark Erwin felt a need to start something of his own. After thorough research, he saw a need for a top-notch barbecue restaurant in Louisville. In spite of possessing unique restaurant and restaurant managerial experience, Mark admitted he lacked a good barbecue making type of experience. Armed with passion and new-found energy, Mark went to Kentucky to learn the ropes from the real masters. Like a good student, soon Mark was able to learn and even went ahead to be better. He successfully created a blend of award-winning original barbecue sauces that he proudly named after himself. These sauces, made from 26 ingredients, promise to make your taste buds twitch. Unsurprisingly, the sauces also contain 13 blends of top-secret spices. But what is an original sauce without secret ingredients.

To date, the barbecue restaurant has lived to its name and has been voted “The best of Louisville” 9 whooping nine times by Louisville Magazine readers. The Feeding Store has branches at Middletown, New Albany, Highlands, Dixie Highway, Fern Creek, Elizabethtown, and Lexington.

The Menu

The Mark’s Feed Store has special Mark’s Favorites which I would definitely try because who doesn’t like specially planned and executed chief chef’s specials. The menu revolves around all kinds of tantalizing meats- from pork to chicken to fish. However, do not be fooled. It’s not all about the meats. The menu is also rich in other foods. They have Entrée salads made from mixed greens, all freshly chopped; Mark’s Dinner Entrees which include fried lemon pepper fish, honey wings, and chicken fingers. Now onto the main course, my mouth waters at the sound of this: Rib Dinners- all guaranteed falling off the bone. Indeed life is too short to struggle with meat on a bone.

For the desserts, the selection includes hot fudge Sundae with nuts, Oreo banana pudding and a Mark’s favorite Buttermilk crunch (chunks of pie topped with ice cream, caramel, and nuts) among others.

To ensure all are taken care of, gluten-free menu is also available.

The kid’s menu is available for your favorite grandchildren. In this menu, they got cheeseburgers, kids Bar-B-Q, Hamburger, Corndog, and grilled cheese all of which can be accompanied with kids’ drinks.

Picnic packages made up of appetizers such as sweet cornbread, pickles, and honey wines; Barbecue sandwiches; lite meals; burgers and side items such as sweet potatoes and green beans can be ordered and delivered.

In conclusion, esteemed ladies and gentlemen (60+) go grab these amazing meals and other products (except catering) at 10% discount and enjoy.

Here is Mark’s Feed Store’s website.


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