Marriott Senior Citizen Discount


Marriott International is an American multinational hospitality company that operates a large network of hotels and several lodging facilities. Headquartered in Maryland, Washington D.C. Marriott International is a huge company that has an immense number of over 6,500 properties across 127 countries all around the globe.

Marriott International owns and manages more than 1.2 million rooms, with about 200,000 additional rooms being developed and constructed. The inception of Marriott International dates back to 1927 where the founder has opened a small root beer stand, and from there, the rest is as they say history.

Wonderful Hospitality

Marriott International is immensely popular for their best hospitality practices that they implement at their hotels and lodges. They offer some of the best rates we’ve found available out there, which is why they are adored by the masses. They also offer several bonus features such as Mobile Check-in, Free Wi-Fi, and many more.

Marriott International hotels and lodges are equipped with all the necessary amenities so that the travelers can have a complete and convenient experience of staying. Additionally, Marriott International offers discounts on special occasions which you should definitely get if you’re eligible. They also offer several types of rewards through their Marriott Rewards program, where they allow bonus points for the people who meet the required criteria.

Marriott Senior Citizen Discount

If your age is 62 or beyond, you’re eligible to get the senior citizen discount offered by the Marriott International at all their hotels, lodges, and resorts. With the Marriott senior citizen discount, travelers who’re 62 or above can get 15% or sometimes more off their room rate at all the Marriott brand hotels internationally.

You can read more about the Marriott senior citizen discount on their website and then stay at some of the best hotels with a discounted price of 15% or more by claiming your senior citizen discount.


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