McDonald’s Senior Discount on Coffee 55+


McDonald’s can be considered as one of the pioneers in world fast food industry. In fact, you can find McDonald’s outlets in every corner of the world. To be precise, McDonald’s outlets can be found in more than 159 different countries in the world.

McDonald’s Founded by Two Brothers

Two brothers named Mac and Dick MacDonald started McDonald’s back in 1940, but it was not doing great during the first few years. As a result, the two brothers decided to reinvent their restaurant back around 1948. By this time, they have realized that hamburgers were the best selling product. As a result, they incorporated a speed delivery system with their hamburgers. This can be considered as a giant step taken in the history of fast food industry. The McDonald’s restaurants had a production line of hamburgers prepared before they were ordered by customers. Even though this is not a new concept in today’s world, it revolutionized the fast food industry at that time. This created a tremendous impact on their quick success as well.

McDonald’s Senior Discount

McDonald’s fast-food chain offers great discounts for their customers as well. The most common discount is for seniors 55+ as they will receive a discount on their coffee. This senior discount on coffee is very popular among seniors and can be received at most of the fast food outlets across the country. But because McDonald’s franchises are individually owned, the senior discount can therefore vary, and there might be a minimum purchase required in order to get this senior discount on coffee. Seniors are therefore encouraged to give a phone call to the local McDonald’s outlet and inquire the type of senior discount that they offer at their locations.

Popular Fast Food

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food outlets in the world, and people who walk in will be able to get food served quickly. McDonald’s has a variety of items on their menu that can be enjoyed with their favorite coffee or beverages. If you find a McDonald’s store in your neighborhood, you should be able to at least get a discounted coffee at their participating stores if you’re a senior citizen.

The meals served at McDonald’s are priced at reasonable prices as well, and these discounts can help seniors save few additional bucks.


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