Motel 6 Senior Discount


Motel 6 was founded in 1962 by two building contractors, Paul Greene, and William Becker. They wanted to provide great motel rates for people traveling around the country. They decided they wanted to start with a room rate of $6 per night, hence the name “Motel 6.”

Motel 6, is now a renowned motel chain in America and is popular for providing clean and comfortable rooms at affordable rates. Operating in 1400+ locations, this hospitality chain has been going strong and many other similar chains have surfaced, imitating its operation.

While the rates of this national chain is unbelievably astonishing, you have one more surprise in store; a senior citizen discount! Cutting down costs and welfare of the average person was always the priority with Motel 6, and they have now offering a even better rate to senior citizens with the 10% discount Motel 6 Senior Discount!

The Motel 6 Senior Discount

If you are 60 years of age or older, you are eligible for a 10 percent discount at Motel 6. This discount facility is available at Motel 6’s 1400+ locations, so no matter what you are traveling for or where you are traveling in America, you can cut down on your costs if you choose to book with Motel 6.

How Do You Book With Motel 6 At ‘Senior Rate’?

If you are booking online, go to the reservation page and select ‘Senior Rate,’ found in the drop-down menu to get your senior discount. You can also call 800-899-9841 and make your booking, but don’t forget to mention that you are eligible for senior discount. Please take a look at their website for more information.

Motel 6 Senior Discount Terms

Senior rate discount cannot be used with other discounts. You can book two rooms, max, for six nights/stay. A valid ID proof is a must during check-in. You are eligible only if you are aged 60 years or over.


  1. As of 2019, it appears that Motel 6 policy on Senior Discounts has changed. It is now shown as UP TO 10% discount. Two of their locations that I just checked offered 5% Senior Discount.


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