National Park Senior Discount Pass


National Park Service, which is also shortly known as NPS, is an agency operated by the United States Federal Government. National Park Service manages and takes care of all the national parks along with several national monuments, and different historical and conservation properties with different types of title designations.

The agency of National Park Service has been initially established on August 25th of 1916. NPS manages a wide range of national parks that cover over 84 million acres of land. All of these national parks are open for the public to visit and spend some time experiencing the beauty of nature and environment.

National Park Service offers their services to people all over the United States by allowing them to visit the protected lands under conservation. These vast lands also include multiple types of animals that are endangered and protected. These national parks are well-maintained and protected by the National Park Service. If you ever want to spend some quality time with your friends and family visiting the nature and getting a chance to be close with different animal species, you must visit the national parks that are protected and maintained by the National Park Service.

The natural landscapes and forests at these national parks are just breathtaking, which is why you should definitely consider visiting soon. National Park Service also provides a lot of guides who can take you on a tour through these vast lands.

Get the special National Park Senior Discount Pass

If you’re either a U.S citizen or a permanent resident who’s 62 or older, you can receive the National Park senior citizen discount pass that is being offered. With this special National Park senior discount pass, you get access to over 84 million acres of protected land for the rest of your life for $80.

Be a nature wanderer by grabbing the National Park Senior Discount Pass through the lifetime pass of just $80 and enjoy visiting these National Parks for the rest of your life without every having to pay for it again!


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