Pep Boys Senior Discount


Pep Boys is a leading automotive aftermarket retail chain in America that was founded in 1921 in Pennsylvania. Manny, Moe, And Jack or commonly called “The Pep Boys” operate in 930 locations in over 35 states. Pep Boys also have a subsidiary, wholly owned, called ‘Just Brakes.’

What Can You Find In A Pep Boys Store?

Whether you are looking for brakes, oil, tools, DIY auto parts or some electronics for your car, a Pep Boys will probably carry it. The store also has jacks and ramps, specialty and diagnostic tools, power tools, floor mats, Turbochargers, GPS and Navigation.

Pep Boys For Your Auto Needs

Many thought that Pep Boys mainly would focus on tires, oil changes, and brakes, but they carry a wide range of products for every car on the market. You might therefore have bought your car a few years back and it now might need some repairs and maintenance, or you might have bought a new car and looking for accessories and electronics; Pep Boys will have something for your vehicle.

Pep Boys Senior Discount

Pep Boys, a renowned store that sells auto parts and accessories, proudly offer a discount for seniors. If you are aged 55 or older, you are eligible to receive a 10 percent discount. However, a valid ID is required and this offer is available in-store only.

Pep Boys has great respect for the elderly and offer a fantastic 10% senior discount. There might be some exceptions to this offer,therefore we highly recommend that you get in touch with a store representative to make sure the offer applies to the item you are looking for to purchase for your vehicle. Please also take a look at the Pep Boys website for more information about the senior discount they offer to their customers.


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