PhysioNatural Microwavable Therapy Mittens – Great For Seniors!


PhysioNatural Microwavable Therapy Mittens – Great For Seniors!

As we age, our bodies undergo various changes that can cause discomfort and pain, especially in our hands and fingers. Conditions such as stiff joints, arthritis, trigger finger, inflammation, Raynaud’s, and carpal tunnel can make it challenging to carry out daily tasks, including hobbies we enjoy. This is where microwavable therapy mittens can provide significant relief for senior citizens.

The PhysioNatural mittens are designed to relieve pain and restore function and movement to the hands. By simply warming the mittens in a microwave, stiff muscles can be relaxed, and pain associated with various conditions can be alleviated. The moist heat produced by the mittens increases blood circulation to the affected area, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients while removing waste, which speeds up the healing process.

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What sets the PhysioNatural mittens apart from other heat therapy products is the addition of lavender aromatherapy. The therapeutic lavender scent is released when the mittens are heated, which reduces tension and stress, promoting relaxation. This extra step of relaxation makes the experience of using the mittens more enjoyable and spa-like, providing a calming sensation that can benefit anyone.

The mittens are made of soft plush minky fabric, making them comfortable to wear. They are also channeled on the top and bottom to provide moist heat to the entire hand and up to the wrist, making them perfect for those suffering from conditions that affect a larger area of the hand.

The convenience of microwaving the mittens is another added benefit, as there is no need for messy hot water or heating pads. The mittens can be heated up quickly and easily, providing fast relief for those in need. Additionally, the mittens are lightweight, weighing only 1.75 pounds, allowing for a deep and penetrating heat effect that is not too heavy on the hands.

Overall, microwavable therapy mittens are a great solution for senior citizens suffering from hand and finger pain caused by various conditions. With the added benefit of lavender aromatherapy, these mittens can provide not only relief but also a relaxing and pleasant experience. With a 100% money-back guarantee, purchasing these mittens is risk-free, making them an ideal gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or Christmas. Give your hands the relief and healing boost they deserve!

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