Pollo Tropical Senior Discount Program


Pollo Tropical Senior Discount

Pollo Tropical is a fast-food chain that specializes in Caribbean-style grilled chicken, and is renowned for its unique flavor and low prices. The restaurant was founded in 1988 in Miami, Florida, by Larry and Stuart Harris. The Harris brothers envisioned a fast-food restaurant that would serve fresh and healthy food, and Pollo Tropical was born.

Pollo Tropical is now a subsidiary of Fiesta Restaurant Group, which also owns the Taco Cabana chain. With over 140 locations in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and other states, Pollo Tropical has become a favorite destination for fast-food lovers looking for delicious, healthy, and affordable meals.

The Pollo Tropical menu is centered around their signature dish, the grilled chicken, which is marinated in a secret blend of spices, then grilled over an open flame. The restaurant also offers a variety of sides and drinks, including rice, beans, plantains, and tropical drinks. The menu is designed to offer something for everyone, including vegetarians and those with dietary restrictions.

Pollo Tropical Senior Discount Program

One of the ways Pollo Tropical rewards its loyal customers is through the Pollo Tropical Senior Discount program. Senior citizens who are 50 years of age and over are eligible for a 10% discount on their meals. It’s important to note that it’s always a good idea to verify that the Pollo Tropical Senior Discount is offered at the specific location you plan to visit. Some franchises or individual locations may have different policies or may not participate in the program. Therefore, it’s recommended to check with the specific location ahead of time to ensure that they offer the Pollo Tropical Senior Discount. This can be done by calling the restaurant directly or by checking their website or social media pages for information on discounts and promotions.

The Pollo Tropical Senior Discount program is just one of the many ways Pollo Tropical gives back to its community. The restaurant is also involved in various charitable causes, including supporting local schools and organizations that promote healthy living and environmental sustainability.

In conclusion, Pollo Tropical is a fast-food chain that offers fresh, healthy, and affordable Caribbean-style grilled chicken. The restaurant was founded in 1988 in Miami, Florida, and has since expanded to over 140 locations across the United States. The Senior Discount program is available to senior citizens 50 years of age and over, and offers a 10% discount on meals. Pollo Tropical is committed to giving back to its community and supporting various charitable causes.


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