Publix Senior Discount


Publix has a 5% discount for seniors 60+ every Wednesday of the week at participating locations. Please check with your local store to make sure it’s still available as it’s not available in every state.

Publix is an employee-owned supermarket that is based out of Lakeland, Florida. It was founded in 1930 and today operates over 1,100 stores in seven states, mainly in Southeastern United States. Publix is now considered the largest employee-owned company in the entire world.

Senior Discount

The senior discount that Publix has offered their customers on Wednesdays, has been very much appreciated by thousands of seniors 60+ for many years. Customer all over Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia have been able to benefit greatly from this senior discounts offered to them by Publix.

Publix Florida Locations

Publix has stores in Florida as well, but we’ve been informed that they do not provide this senior discounts on Wednesday to their customers. We’ve also recently been informed by a local customer that Publix in Huntsville, AL have also discontinued this senior discount.

We’ve been told that the reason to Publix stores in Florida do not offer the 5% discount is that they have other special offers instead for customers in the state of Florida. But because of the large population of seniors living in Florida, we hope that Publix will include Florida in this senior discount program that so many people are currently benefiting from.

Other Senior Discounts

For those of you looking for other senior discounts, you can find many available in your area on our website by selecting your state. Senior discounts of 5% or 10% really add up when you shop there on a regular basis and we’re in the process of adding as many to our list as possible. If you know about any senior discounts in your local community, please let us know by submitting it here. We will add them to our list, and as the list grows, many seniors in your community can benefit from these senior discounts as well.

Support Local Community

It’s always important to be able to support your community and local businesses by shopping at locally owned and operated stores. This boosts the the local economy everyone in the community benefits from it.


  1. I’ve lived in the Tampa/Orlando area of Florida for about 33yrs and travel extensively and we do a lot of home cooking on the road! Publix is my Supermarket of Choice as they normally have many of the items I want or need and traveling through the southeast I found that most of the Publix in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina gave me the Senior discount, which at 5% isn’t much but when on a fixed income every dollar is valuable so very much appreciated! When I got back to Florida and asked at the three Publix locations near my home I was told “NOPE!!!” and asked how I’d like to pay? As I was checking out apparently the Store Manager who was in the C/S booth near my checkout and overheard the young lady (who was very cordial and nice about apologizing) and interceded by telling the cashier to go ahead and give me a $5 discount on my $78 order of mostly meat? I was taken aback by his kindness and empathizing with me which only made me an even more loyal customer than I already was!! He explained they used to have the discount but were told to cancel it from that day forward (and it was awhile ago) and he also apologized to me for the misunderstanding and lack of a senior citizen discount and even though it didn’t really amount to much more than $3-4 he gave me a $5 customer Concern discount which again made me feel a little better, not for the discount but the fact that I felt like I was now being treated as a Human Being? Publix usually has great customer service but that was above and beyond his normal routine and made a loyal customer into a Permanent customer for Life and since my Family was with me, there’ll be a lot of word of mouth advertising which as you know is Truly the greatest kind of Advertising especially when it’s good!! Thank you Publix for the people you hire, but I’d Love to see you replace the Senior Discount with one everyday or a 10% discount 2X or 3X or weekly every month to assist those of us who are loyal and of the OLDER Generations?? Ed Davis

  2. Publix Hilton Head SC is 85
    When I shopped last Wednesday and ask for my senior discount I was told it was 85, I’m sure they depend on seniors in Hilton Head for a large part of their business. I will no longer shop at Publix. Harris Teeter, Kroger give the senior discount is 60.

  3. Kroger has lower prices and generous in store coupons, making the 5% given only to seniors seem less of an advantage. I personally would like to see all of this “senior” emphasis cut out. I do not like being treated like a different species just because I was born in 1944. People over 65 have paid a heavy price for a few token discounts over the past 30 years. I appreciate Publix for being a friendly, inviting store, offering quality and many good deals. I basically think the better idea is to treat everyone the same. If you want to give a discount on a certain day, give it to everyone and don’t solicit for charity. Maybe there should be an opportunity for giving at the customer service desk where they sell all of the lotto tickets, since these are the people who must have the most extra money.

  4. I usually shop at Publix, but from now on I will do it at Winn Dixie or Sedano’s since most of their store in FLORIDA offer a discount. How can a FLORIDA based store offers the discount almost everywhere else they do business except in its own state.

  5. I find this quite disturbing. The explanation I received from the cashier was that by eliminating the senior discount there could be savings passed to everyone. Well, I’m sorry, that is not the point. The senior discounts recognize the long work life (and shopping life) of a segment of the population that generally lives on a fixed income. Very poor management decision by Publix.

  6. I have been a regular Publix customer here in Fort Myers since 1980. Now that I’m a Senior, it would really be helpful to receive any discount. Please convince the Florida stores to give us assistance in our grocery expenses. Either way, I will remain a Publix customer

  7. My state and area gets the discount but I was beyond shocked that it is not allowed in Florida and a few other “select” areas. It is not right nor is it fair but perhaps higher incomes are in Florida so Publix justifies it this way? (of course they won’t admit that I’m sure).

  8. Grocery shop at Walmart if you want cheaper grocery prices than Publix, except for some BOGO’s. But beware you may feel like you’re in a 3rd world country depending on the store you go to. Palmetto for example.

  9. It is very greedy of Publix in Florida to not give a senior discount once a week. They are a very wealthy cooperation and could probably write some of that off at tax time. The Florida people support them and they should give back. Very greedy. All other grocery stores give the discount and it’s much appreciated.


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