Salvation Army Senior Discount Program


Salvation Army Senior Discount Program

The Salvation Army is a Christian charitable organization that was founded in 1865 in London, England. Its mission is to provide assistance to those in need, including the homeless, impoverished families, and disaster victims. Over the years, The Salvation Army has expanded its reach to over 130 countries worldwide, serving millions of people through various programs and services.

One of the ways that The Salvation Army supports its mission is through its thrift stores. These stores offer affordable clothing, household items, and other goods to individuals and families who may not be able to afford them otherwise. The proceeds from these stores are used to fund various Salvation Army programs and services, including food banks, homeless shelters, and addiction recovery programs.

Salvation Army Senior Discount

In addition to providing affordable items to the community, The Salvation Army thrift stores also offer a Salvation Army senior discounts to individuals who are 55 years or older. These Salvation Army senior discounts can vary by location on senior days, so it is important to confirm with store employees what discounts are available for seniors as they can change.

On Salvation Army senior discount days, seniors can save up to 50% off their purchase at participating thrift store locations. This is a great opportunity for seniors to save money on essential items such as clothing, bedding, and kitchenware. Many seniors are on fixed incomes, so any opportunity to save money can be a huge help.

The Salvation Army thrift stores also accept donations from the community, which helps keep the stores stocked with a variety of items. Donating gently used items to these stores is a great way to support The Salvation Army’s mission and provide affordable goods to those in need.

In addition to providing affordable goods and services, The Salvation Army is also committed to helping seniors in other ways. For example, the organization operates senior centers in some communities, which provide activities, socialization, and resources to seniors. These centers may offer classes, health screenings, and other services to help seniors stay active and engaged.

In conclusion, The Salvation Army thrift stores offer a valuable service to the community by providing affordable goods and supporting the organization’s mission. Seniors can take advantage of discounts of up to 50% off on senior discount days, which can help them save money on essential items. The Salvation Army’s commitment to helping seniors extends beyond the thrift stores, with senior centers and other programs available to provide support and resources to this important demographic.


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