Shoney’s Senior Discount


Shoney’s is a restaurant based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Shoney’s was founded by Alex Schoenbaum in the 1950’s, and currently, there are about 150 Shoney’s franchisee’s in 17 states. Most of these operate in the south though some in the midwest.

Shoney’s Senior Discount “Golden Age Club”

To be a member of this club, he or she has to be either sixty years or above. Shoney’s offers discount cards to such persons guaranteeing them a ten percent cut each time they dine in the restaurant. They have other branches in locations such as Cumberland, Campbell, Roane, Loudon, Jefferson, Hamblen, Sevier, Blount, Anderson, and Knox counties.

The senior discount is also only applicable to the items on the regular menu. This means that the following menu entries are excluded from discounted rates: holiday menus, buffet promotion menus, and special menu items, or any other menu that has already been discounted.

Their website offers an application form that allows senior citizens to apply for their Golden Age Club cards, which is then mailed to the customer from the nearest Shoney’s office.

What Are The Requirements For Their “Golden Age Club” Form?

1. Full name- This means both the first and last names.
2. Address of the senior customer- This includes specific details such as the street address, the second address line, the city and state, and the ZIP code of their location.
3. Phone number
4. Email
5. Age

Shoney’s Senior Menu for “Golden Age Club” Members

1. Breakfast: Shoney’s has a breakfast bar buffet that provides the following foods: fresh fruit, southern-style grits, buttermilk biscuits, muffins, home-fried potatoes, sausage, bacon, and scrambled eggs.

2. Lunch and dinner: They offer a lunch and dinner buffet that provide the following foods. They are fresh fruits, crisp lettuce with toppings, home-style soups, vegetables, seafood, and some of the freshest meats.

3. Menu choices: These are choices that have been singled out by guests as their favorites in the recent past. They are the pile ‘o shrimp, country-fried steak, all-American burger, and the original Slim Jim sandwich.

4. Salad bar: This a healthy alternative. Try their salads that are all made gourmet-style and are freshly prepared on a daily basis.

For more information and inquiries on the Shoney’s Senior Discount, you can visit the Shoney’s Website. Customers can also sign up to receive notifications of special offers among other notifications.


  1. 10% discount isn’t really a very good deal for Seniors. If they get let’s say the buffet at $7.99 they are still paying $7.20, saving them a whopping 79 cents. that’s not even enough savings to go to the local dollar store to buy a candy bar. My mom is a senior and barely get’s by on her social security; she loves Shoney’s and can’t afford to go there anymore because of you high increase in prices so 10%…she’ll never be able to eat there again unless someone else takes her and pays for her meal. Very sad after all her years of being a regular patron.


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