Sizzler Senior Discount


Sizzler was founded in 1958 by Del and Helen Johnson in California. Originally it was called Del’s Sizzler Family Steak Restaurant. Sizzler has 270 restaurants around the US, and it also has locations in Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Puerto Rico and Thailand.

Sizzler Senior Discount

Sizzler has a senior discount, but instead of calling this their “Senior Menu”, they call it the menu for their “Honored Guests” which we think is great. You can get burgers, ribs and chicken, savory seafood, hand-cut steaks, and salads. Underneath we’ve written a brief description of the Sizzler Senior Menu referred to has the menu for their “Honored Guests” for that are 60 years of age and above.

What is offered on Sizzler’s Sizzler Senior Discount Honored Menu?

They offer a large variety of meals that range from hand-cut steaks to ribs and chicken, savory seafood, and even burgers. Their honored guest’s menu caters to only those citizens who have attained the age of sixty and above. The frequently requested meals are identified with a star sign, and the healthy meals are identified with a love heart sign. He or she has the choice of selecting from the Sizzler favorites section. This section outlines the meals that most customers like and order frequently and the offered healthy food alternatives that are fit for senior citizens and their metabolism rate. They offer the following delicacies:

1. Burgers- This category has five burger options, namely:

  • The grilled chicken avocado burger
  • The classic burger that is a 1/3LB
  • The Smokey bacon burger that is also a 1/3LB
  • The double mega bacon burger that is among the sizzler favorites in the category
  • The final option is an all-natural 1/3LB substitute turkey burger alternative on any of the previously stated burger options.

2. Combo nation- this category as seven options, namely:

  • The Classic steak trio, which is among the popular dishes in this category. The others are the lobster and steak, and the unlimited crispy shrimp and steak.
  • The shrimp scampi linguine and steak
  • Two shrimp skewers and steak
  • Six jumbo crispy shrimps and steak
  • The Malibu chicken and steak

3. Ribs and chicken- This category offers five options, namely:

  • The chicken broccoli Alfredo
  • Double Malibu chicken
  • The six-bone baby back ribs
  • The three-bone baby back ribs
  • The healthiest alternative in the list is the barbecue ribs and chicken dish. The dish only offers three ribs per serving.

4. Savory seafood- This category has five options, two of them are healthy, and one is frequently ordered, namely:

  • The Ultimate shrimp trio
  • The Shrimp scampi linguine
  • The healthy shrimp skewers that are restricted to two per serving
  • The healthy fresh grilled six-pound salmon
  • The jumbo crispy shrimp that has twelve per serving is the most frequently ordered dish in this category.

5. Hand-cut steaks- This category has three options and two of them are quite popular. They are as follows:

  • The tri-tip eight-pound sirloin
  • The fourteen-pound ribeye
  • The twelve pound New York strip

6. Smaller plates.

  • This category has only five options, which are the Italian Herb five-pound chicken, teriyaki salmon skewer, six crispy jumbo shrimps, the six-pound tri-tip sirloin, and the Malibu chicken. The Italian herb chicken is the healthiest alternative in this category of foods, while the Tri-tip Sirloin is the most ordered and liked by most customers.

7. Special meals- These meals include:

  • The summer vegetable salad that is prepared in their amazing craft salad bar
  • The grilled south Atlantic jumbo shrimp skewer and grilled steak skewer that is served with vegetables that are perfectly roasted.
  • The grilled steak skewer that comes with vegetables that are roasted

Sizzler Senior Discount for Honored Guests

To view Sizzler’s senior menu for their “Honored Guests” please click here.


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