Sprint Senior Discount Unlimited 55+ Plan


Sprint Corporation is a well-known telecommunications company in America. The company provides internet and wireless service and is among the top 5 mobile network operators in the U.S and has been serving over 54 million people.

Save With The Sprint Senior Discount

Seniors are now, more than ever using cell phones and with this trend comes the need for cell phone plans for seniors. Sprint has introduced Unlimited 55 +, where you get two lines of unlimited for $35 per month per line. So if you are aged 55 or more, you can get unlimited text, data and talk with Sprint which is a really good deal.

You can also travel without any worries as you can get global roaming in over 185 destinations, worldwide. Another great features is that you can also stream videos that are in DVD quality with this phone plan.

Enjoy the Sprint Senior Discount While Staying Connected.

The world is getting more and more connected and it’s so easy to pick up your phone and call your family member across the world at any given time. You can pay your bills, take online classes, play games, and watch pretty much anything on YouTube. It’s therefore important to have a good plan with a solid data plan and stable internet connection. With this Spring senior plan, you can get to text and talk at a discounted price. Unlimited data is a really great feature that Sprint is offering. Have the world on your fingertips, browse worry-free and look for the information you want.

If you are 55 years of age or older and eager to know the world around you, and would love to stay connected with your dear ones living far away from you, Sprint Unlimited 55+ senior discount plan could make a good option. Please take a look at the Sprint website for more information on the Unlimited 55+ Sprint Senior Discount Plan.


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