Sweet Tomatoes / Souplantation Senior Discount


Souplantation has all you can eat buffet that has become very popular in the US. Dennis Jay had the idea of this restaurant concept and together with his two other friends opened the first Souplantation in 1978 in San Diego. Currently, there are over 100 locations around the country.

In California, the restaurants are called Souplantation, but outside of California, the restaurants are called Sweet Tomatoes. They have a wide range of salads and soups and are open for both lunch and dinner.

Sweet Tomatoes / Souplantation Senior Citizen Discount

Souplantation provides discounted meal rates from 2 PM in the afternoon to 5 PM in the evening Monday to Thursday at participating locations. The seniors who are eligible for the benefit to this offer must be over the age of sixty years. The special offer costs only $6.99 for an all-you-can-eat meal. They also provide a free drink.

Souplantation has numerous branches in different locations, and each branch has its own menu. For example, these are the menu particulars from the Tomball Parkway branch in Houston, Texas. This branch regularly updates its menu and offers some options with restricted time limits.

Sweet Tomatoes / Souplantation Salads

  • Tuna Tarragon
  • Caesar Asiago
  • Wonton Happiness salad is vegetarian-friendly
  • Joan’s broccoli madness with bacon and cashews is gluten-friendly
  • Sweet maple apple and caramelized walnuts are both gluten and vegetarian-friendly.

Sweet Tomatoes / Souplantation Soups

  • Deep kettle house chili is a gluten-friendly alternative
  • Big chunk chicken noodle
  • Chicken pot pie stew
  • Vegetarian harvest is a vegetarian-friendly recipe
  • Cream of mushroom
  • The famous French onion with toppings is a gluten-friendly recipe
  • Yankee Clipper clam chowder with bacon was restricted to Fridays
  • Split pea with ham

These are some of the few examples of options from one of their branches.

Sweet Tomatoes / Souplantation Restaurant Near You

Souplantation’s “Find a restaurant” page on their website gives the customer the option of locating the nearest branch through typing in their ZIP code, state, or city. The website then locates the nearest branch and gives the customer an arrival timeline with respect to their home location.

We encourage you to call them and ask about their senior discount first to verify it’s available at that location. For more information and their contact information to a restaurant near you, please visit their website.

Alternatively, you could follow their pages on various social media platforms for updates and inquiries on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


  1. Senior meal price at Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes has increased, at least in some parts of the country, so it’s a good idea to check the price in advance if on a tight budget.


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