T-Mobile Senior Discount Plan


T-Mobile is one of the largest American-based wireless communication networks in America with operations in many other countries around the world as well. Actually, T-Mobile is the brand name used by the parent company, Deutsche Telekom, which is a German telecommunications company.

T-Mobile has a large share in the mobile user spectrum in the US, making it one of the premier network providers in the country. T-Mobile offers a wide range of telecom services at very affordable and competitive prices. They provide several types of offers which provide several calling, data, and messaging plans that can be very beneficial to the consumers. Their signal strength is very superior, making it one of the best network providers in the country. Furthermore, their international roaming services are hard to beat, as they operate in many countries, which makes it easier for them to offer better quality international roaming services.

Initially found in 1990, T-Mobile has been adopted by millions, and the company has grown by leaps and bounds with a successful track record of providing top-notch wireless mobile communication services. Their internet packages are the best part here, as they offer several unlimited data plans at very reasonable prices. Additionally, their calling plans are very generous, offering an immense number of minutes for cheap prices. Doing all these, they never comprise the quality of their services, which is why people adore them.

The T-Mobile Senior Discount Plan

If your age is 55 or above, you are eligible to get the senior citizen discount plan being offered by the T Mobile. Through this T-Mobile senior discount plan, you get to have two lines with unlimited text, talk, and LTE internet data for as low as $35/line with the AutoPay option.

At just 35$/line, you can now enjoy the benefits of unlimited calling, texting, and internet surfing by claiming your senior citizen discount plan from T-Mobile. Check out the T-Mobile website for more information on their senior discount plan!


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