The Step2Bed XL Bedside Step Stool – Great For Seniors!


The Step2Bed XL Bedside Step Stool – Great For Seniors!

The Step2Bed XL Bedside Step Stool is a unique and innovative product designed to provide seniors and handicapped individuals with a safe and easy way to get in and out of bed. The portable bed assist rails are equipped with LED light-guided rails that help reduce the risk of falls, making it an ideal choice for those who need extra assistance with their mobility. Please note that this posts contains affiliate links which means that if you click on those links and make a purchase, we’ll make a small percentage in commission, but at no cost to you, click here to read our disclosure policy.

One of the standout features of the Step2Bed XL is its adjustable height stool, which can be customized to suit different bed heights. This allows users to easily and safely climb into bed, no matter how high or low it is. The stool is also designed to be non-slip and heavy-duty, with a reinforced steel base and self-adhering straps for added stability and safety.

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In addition to its adjustable height stool, the Step2Bed XL also features soft foam padding on its assisting rails, which can support up to 800lbs. This provides users with additional support and comfort as they move in and out of bed.

Perhaps one of the most impressive features of the Step2Bed XL is its illuminated bed step. The motion-activated LED light offers 121 sq ft of light, providing users with added visibility in the dark. This can be especially useful for those who may be at risk of falls due to poor visibility.

As a small family business, Step2Bed strives to provide customers with personalized service and quality products. They offer a 30-day warranty on their elderly assistance products, giving customers peace of mind knowing that they are investing in a product that is designed to last.

In conclusion, the Step2Bed XL Bedside Step Stool is a reliable and effective fall prevention aid for seniors and handicapped individuals. Its adjustable height stool, non-slip step, and illuminated bed step make it a standout product in the market, while its heavy-duty construction and soft foam padding provide users with added safety and comfort.

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