T.J. Maxx Senior Discount


T.J. Maxx has discounts up to 10% for senior citizens 55+ on certain days of the week at participating location. We’ve heard that it’s mainly stores in Florida that are participating in giving this 10% T.J. Maxx senior discount and that it’s only available on Mondays.

Please check with your local T.J. Maxx what discounts they are currently offering and if they are participating in providing this senior discount since we’ve heard that not all T.J. Maxx stores are participating.

T.J. Maxx was founded back in 1976, and it has maintained an excellent reputation through the years. It can be considered one of the largest off-price retailer for home fashions and apparels in the United States. In fact, they have more than 1,150 stores covering 49 states of the country. Recently T.J. Maxx launched their e-commerce website, and now people have the opportunity to place their orders in the comfort of home and get it delivered to their doorstep.


Plenty of reasons have contributed towards the popularity of T.J. Maxx within the United States. They offer a fresh collection of brand name, fashionable family apparel along with other merchandise. They have an exclusive collection of accessories and jewelry as well. They also have a high-end designer department to release their latest products to the market.

T.J. Maxx Senior Discount

T.J. Maxx is well known for the great discounts that they offer as well. Unlike other stores, T.J. Maxx offers a great discount for senior citizens at participating locations. This T.J. Maxx senior discount has impressed seniors who are looking forward to saving few additional bucks while they shop. The senior citizen discounts that are offered by T.J. Maxx can be up to 10% off at participating locations. Please check with your local store first to make sure they provide a senior discount as we’ve mainly heard it’s available in Florida and on Mondays.


Senior citizens who are looking forward to saving money while they shop for clothes can now think of shopping at T.J. Maxx and receive some great senior discounts. The quality of clothing accessories offered by T.J. Maxx is really great as well with many popular brands you will instantly recognize. If you’re interested in other senior discounts at other retailers, please visit our list of senior citizens discounts found here.


  1. hi, could you check your sources about TJMAXX? I just called one near me (NJ) and was told that they have no senior discount program whatsoever.

  2. TJMAX discriminates against seniors attempting to use senior discount on Henderson Blvd in Tampa, Fl. One old cashier was RUDE to a little old lady who was told to come back on Monday to receive senior discount. I felt bad because she was so sweet and struggling to walk in a huge store that has NO carts to accommodate seniors with disabilities. And there are big wide open spaces so they have the room to provide electric carts so there is NO QUESTION THEY DISCRIMINATE! Even though the store wasn’t busy & employees were just standing around that I could see, cashier walked off 2 sic MGR on her like she was stealing and told her she can’t return brand new, unworn, still tagged, neatly folded clothes with receipts from this month. All the clothes in one TJMAX bag (looked like all the labels were still on everything as she explained she bought last Tuesday), apparently a cashier had told her to come back Monday for her senior discount. Another receipt mgr. was examining to use to justify their stance he said out loud “well this is from April 12!” stupidily realized after saying this that was 4 days ago. All was folded very neatly & obviously she was told to come back on senior day for her discount. She was adamant that she was told they couldn’t hold clothes for more than 24 hours but bring it back on Monday for her discount. I was next in line so it wasn’t hard to hear how they were talking to her and mgr. told her “we can’t walk around to help you find clothes in your size.” like she was a big fat cow or something. I was SPEECHLESS because he then told her “we aren’t your personal shoppers!”😑😑😑😱😱😡😡 Then my friend said they made fun of her after she left. Cashier troublemaker looked dirty, had a bad attitude, and her clothes looked slept in. Customer was nicely dressed and well groomed. They had to refund I
    think almost $500! All for a 10% discount. Just think how many manhours wasted putting clothes back on hangers, returning to proper department, verifying price hadn’t changed, adding security tags. How STUPID was that?? I ALMOST blasted them for that 30 minute waste of time at the register. Do you realize with the item numbers and clothes in front of you, it may have taken all of 15 minutes to pull the tops, pants and 1 dress? Unbelievable!

    • So sad about the mistreatment of the customer at T.J. Maxx in Tampa, Florida. Hopefully after your review something was done to prevent this type of behavior to customers.

    • I am retired and have loved going to tjx max, home goods and marshalls my entire life to spend the day shopping or enjoying all the beautiful things they offer every day. But what happened to the lady, happens to me and I think they respect me, I even complain to the consumer department and I complain to the BBB, because we work like them and we were young like them and I think that lack of respect is intolerable . If this corporation allows this behavior towards us seniors, and it is known that the company still exists in the market because of us, the company needs more extensive employee training so that everyone is respected, especially the seniors.

  3. I love tjmaxx I go every Wednesday with my friend.But I do wish we had a senior discount in Steubenville Ohio.


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