Whataburger Senior Discount


Whataburger is one of the more popular regional fast food restaurant chains that you can find in the United States. It specializes in serving unique and delicious hamburgers for their customers.

Whataburger has been operating in the United States for a while. In fact, this restaurant chain was founded back in 1950 by a determined and an adventurous entrepreneur. His main objective was to serve a burger, which is big enough so that people had to use both their hands to hold. This concept quickly became popular and created a tremendous impact on the popularity of Whataburger.

Original recipes

Whataburger is still popular throughout the United States because of the size of hamburgers that they sell. In fact, people who are looking forward to having a fulfilling meal at a reasonable price tag tend to visit Whataburger fast food outlets that are located throughout the country. All the Whataburger fast food outlets still stick to the original recipes that they used during the 1950s.

100% Beef

The best thing about Whataburger is that they only use 100% beef on their burgers. As mentioned earlier, the bun is big, and you will not be able to hold it with just one hand. Another impressive feature about Whataburger is that they are open 24 hours of the day and 7 days a week. You can find more than 790 fast food restaurants that belong to Whataburger chain across the country.

Whataburger Senior Discount

Whataburger offers amazing discounts for their customers as well. They are known for offering senior discounts at participating locations. In fact, seniors who are aged over 62 years will be able to receive a 10% discount off from their bills once they dine in at participating Whataburger fast food restaurants. Some stores offer a free drink with a meal instead of the 10% discount, therefore please contact your local store to verify if they participate in these senior discounts.

Customers can enjoy a fulfilling meal with an excellent variety of burgers available on the menu. You’ll always find something new and interesting to try at Whataburger.

For other senior discounts in your area please locate your state using our senior discount list here.


    • Why do you think you’re special and entitled to a discount? The discount is a gift when and if you get it. Your attitude is extremely narcissistic. Pay full price!

  1. Participating members who give senior discounts are non-existing at Whataburger. Don’t bother to ask. The chain should be honest, but has been sold to non-Texans. Well yeah!

  2. Whataburger has the best burgers cause the meat is 100% meat with NO fillers. I was raised on a dairy farm with lots of beef in the freezer. Try a comparison (just the pattie) with another burger and you can tell the difference.


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