Winn-Dixie Senior Discount in March 2018


Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. is a popular Supermarket chain in the Southeast United States. It serves five southeastern states of Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida and Mississippi.

There are around 500 Winn-Dixie Stores in these states, and the first store dates back to the year 1925. The Winn Dixie Stores consist of grocery stores, liquor stores, and in-store pharmacies. It is a subsidiary of Southeastern Grocers.

Winn-Dixie has started multiple private labels over the years. The soft drinks sold under the Chek brand are very much in demand as they are available in 20 different flavors along with caffeine-free varieties.

The store offers premium products in the bakery, frozen foods, deli and kosher categories. Check out the Frozen food department which offers items like Jurassic Nuggets, Steamable Green Beans, and Magnum ice-cream pints. The Deli section offers value meals like Lip Lickin’ Chicken, finger sandwich platter, variety sub platter and time-saving salad platters.
All grocery items which you can think of are available at the Winn-Dixie Store. Once you enter a Winn-Dixie store, you are bound to get what you are looking for because there is something for everyone there.

What’s more? There’s a senior discount available right now!

If your age is 60 or above, you can receive the Winn Dixie Stores Senior Discount every Wednesday in the month of March if you use the Winn-Dixie rewards card. Based out of Jacksonville, the grocery chain is offering a 5% senior discount at more than 35 outlets in Southeast and Southwest Florida. The offer is limited to the period between 3/7/18 to 3/28/18. Check it out on their website here!

Points to keep in mind:

– Only customers purchasing with Winn-Dixie Plenty rewards card are eligible for the discount. You can join this program for free online.
– This discount is not applicable to the following products: lottery tickets, alcohol, prescriptions, tobacco, gift cards, services, and taxes.
– Always check the locations of the stores which are participating in the senior discount by visiting their website and asking them before you checkout.


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