Zippy’s Senior Discount Club Card Program


If you are as senior citizen planning to visit a restaurant in Hawaii are many places where you will find senior discounts. But you will probably find one of the better senior discount programs at Zippy’s.

Zippy’s restaurant is a famous food chain in Hawaii which is usually the most preferred place to eat for locals in Hawaii as well as visitors.

Zippy’s Senior Discount 65+

Zippy’s provide a good discount to their senior customers that make you want to keep visiting their restaurant for their tasty food. The Zippy’s senior discount program offers 10% discount for customers who are 65 and above.

To take the benefit of the discount, you must show your Zippy’s Senior Club Card whenever you make food purchases at Zippy’s. The card is valid at any Zippy’s fast food stores or restaurants across Hawaii.

Get the Zippy’s Senior Discount with the Zippy’s Senior Club Card

If you wish to take advantage of this Zippy’s senior discount program, you can submit your applications at any restaurant of Zippy’s or the Zippy Administrative office during regular working hours. The office is located at 1765 South King Street, 1st Floor. If you are mailing the application form, then you must attach a valid ID proof along with the form. You can download the application form at the Zippy’s website here.

A point to be noted is that the Senior Club Card is not valid for liquor purchases or if you wish to purchase a gift card. It also cannot be used along with any other promotional discounts which are valid for everyone.

Other Restaurant Owned by Zippy’s.

Other restaurants owned by Zippy ’s are the Napolean Bakery and Kahal Sushi. The great thing is that the 10% Zippy’s senior discount can be received at these locations as well so you can try these out as well.

Zippy’s Diabetes-Friendly Menu

Another great thing about Zippy’s is that they also offer a diabetes-friendly menu which is really great for those that have diabetes. Not many restaurants have diabetes-friendly menus, so this is just wonderful.


  1. just recently applied for the senior discount membership at your Kaneohe branch on Oahu but was NOT given a temporary card as I was told I should have by waitress in the hilo branch. I have the receipt that I paid for it ($25). how long until we receive our cards? this should actually be a renewal. did you receive our application for Melvin and Margaret Masaki?

  2. As of 7/6/2022 no more applications or renewals being accepted. Current discount cards good thru 8/7/2022. Please check their website.


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